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With gratitude and praise to Hashem  
We invite you to join us in welcoming

Meir’s Torah

5 TEVES, 5782
Thursday, Dec 9 2021

Completion of the Torah at 5:15 
(opportunities to fill in letters of the Torah at 4:30-5:00)
The Gazebo across from The Herb Skolnick Center
800 SW 36th Ave, Pompano Beach, FL 33069


please join us in your cars for a car parade leaving at 5:30pm with a festive procession towards 
Chabad of Palm Aire
2660 N Palm Aire Dr, Pompano Beach, FL 33069

We will celebrate outdoors with Music, Dancing, and Refreshments


Festive Inside Meal to Follow


May we merit to dance with this Torah in Jerusalem together with Meir and Moshiach!

Rabbi Lipa & Chaya Benjaminson




Please join us as the celebration continues
As we read from Meir’s Torah for the very first time

7 Teves, 5782
Shabbos, Dec 11, 2021

Services begins at 10:00 AM - Torah Reading after 11:15 AM

Chabad of Palm Aire Jewish Community Center
2660 N Palm Aire Dr, Pompano Beach Fl 33069


Please RSVP via email

[email protected]


Meir's Torah

From the moment of Meir’s birth, he already had a vital role as a young shliach, a young beacon of Torah light in Palm Aire. Meir’s name means source of light, and his sweet and joyful personality exuded his special light. Though his physical life was tragically short, we are committed to ensuring that Meir’s light continues to shine. By writing a Torah scroll that bears his name and beginning a daily Jewish learning center, Meir will be forever a source of Torah inspiration and light to his community.

Meir’s Torah will be used in his shul - Chabad of Palm Aire, as a permanent legacy.

Meir’s Jewish Learning Institute (MJLI) will be a lively hub for Jewish study - a drop-in center for one-on-one or individual learning, a home for regular Torah classes, a Jewish book club, and special study opportunities and lectures.

“Where a lantern is placed, those who seek light gather around - for light attracts.”
(From the Hayom Yom, daily study section from the day of Meir’s bris)

Please consider dedicating a section of the Torah in memory of Meir and in honor of his parents and their wonderful community. We’d like to personally offer you the following opportunities for participating in writing Meir’s Torah:


Any amount -  Sponsor one of the letters in Meir’s Torah - each letter is vital for a Torah to be complete, and if one is missing the entire Torah is invalid!

$54+ - Sponsor one of the words in Meir’s Torah - each word in the Torah bears tremendous meaning and timeless lessons.

$250+ - Sponsor an entire verse in Meir’s Torah - a complete verse, or Pasuk, confers an elevated status of holiness on the surface it is written.

$500+ - Sponsor a full chapter in the Torah - each chapter of the Torah can stand on its own as a wellspring of Jewish teachings.

$1,800+ (or 10 monthly payments of $180) - Sponsor a complete Parsha - each of the 54 Torah portions bears its own name, and is read in Shul and studied for a complete week each year.

$2,500+ (or 10 monthly payments of $250) - Sponsor one of the special selections of the Torah: The blessing for children, G-d's attributes of mercy, the Priestly Blessing, the Ten Commandments, Shema Yisrael, the verse said at the opening of the ark, or Chazak — the final verses concluding a book of the Torah.

$5,000+ (or 10 monthly payments of $500) - Sponsor a complete book of the Torah - the five Chumashim are the foundation of Jewish study, each dealing with a different aspect of Jewish history and life.

Beautifying the Torah: (all amounts below can also be split into monthly payments)

$1,800 - Sponsor the Yad of the Torah - this is the traditional pointer used for the Torah reading; to protect its sanctity, the scroll is not touched by hand.

$5,400 - Sponsor the Breastplate of the Torah - this silver adornment is hung over the Torah scroll to beautify and honor the Torah. This item can bear its own dedication permanently inscribed.

$7,700 - Sponsor the Bima cover - this is the velvet cloth used to cover the Torah reading table. This can have its own inscription embroidered onto it.

$9,000 - Sponsor the crown of the Torah - the Keser Torah, traditional silver crown, will adorn the Torah each time it is removed from the Holy Ark. It can be permanently inscribed with your chosen dedication.


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